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Education is not the learning of acts. It's rather the training of the mind to think." - ALBERT EINSTEIN


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Founded by Candace Cox-Wimberley, I Am A Genius is an inspirational brand that motivates individuals to cultivate the genius within “awakening personal talents, skill sets and inner gifts.”

We offer apparel, mentorship programming, training workshops and speaking engagements.

K-12 education prepares you for today, but I Am A Genius prepares you for your future!

I Am A Genius Career Journal is intended to accompany readers on a journey to set goals, seek resources, boost accountability and explore career options. I Am A Genius Career Journal is particularly useful for those who want to discover their passion, deepen their leadership skills, further their purpose, pivot into another career or embark on the first step in their professional journey.

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“The best successes aren’t achieved alone. They are meant to be shared.”
Candace Cox-Wimberley

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